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Public Poisons


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by Jon David Miller, M.A., M. Div.

holistic educator, researcher, philosopher & author

natural health wellness ~ social science ~ human nature ~ philosophy

~ over 50 years of reality research ~

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YESwise Holistic Learning

Holistic learning is the process of expanding awareness, knowledge and insight for positive growth in wisdom.

The intent of holistic learning is engaging the whole self to explore the whole of reality beyond what we were presented in school or by the falsified narratives of history and the media.

This holistic learning module highlights information that can be shocking for many people. We have been misled by a coordinated conspiracy of power players intent on full control of us. It is usually disturbing to learn one has been deceived. However, we must not let it foster depression and inertia.

Realize that each of us is a spiritual being greater than our physical and mental experience. We have come to this realm for learning and growth for a temporary period.

It is critically important to maintain connection with our whole self and our Creator through focus on spiritual awareness, love and goodness in prayer and meditation.

This holistic awareness helps us perceive, understand and take action to deal with the serious challenges posed by those who pursue evil plans and operations of deception and control.

Insufficient information is a primary problem and a major limit on knowledge and wisdom.

Join us in the holistic learning process of digging deeper and climbing higher. Find out what important knowledge lies beyond the veil of ignorance and manipulation.

As we develop our understanding and build positive momentum, we consciously heal and grow to recognize and realize the potential of creative awareness.

Please help to make others aware of holistic learning and this needed information.


Public Poisons Learning Module

Please take the steps to avoid public poisons and the ill health and suffering they cause.



In 7 informative reports with a large library of resource videos and articles, this important learning module will inform you of a variety of existing and potential threats to our lives and well-being that have been hidden or obscured from public knowledge, as well as suggestions for detoxifying and avoiding or reducing exposure to these public poisons. If you are not concerned for yourself, study this for the sake of children and future generations.

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Public Poisons

~ chemicals and heavy metals

~ in food, water, household products

~ herbicides, pesticides, food additives

~ environmental poisons

~ pharmaceuticals



~ in city water

~ in beverages and foods

~ in medicines

~ in geo-engineering fallout


Geo-engineering aerosols

~ Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

~ weather modification

~ toxic metals

~ aluminum

~ barium

~ fluoride

~ coal fly ash

~ nanobots

~ graphene oxide

~ biological components


Vaccines & Other Pharmaceuticals

~ germ theory mistake

~ immunity

~ contaminants

~ aluminum

~ mercury

~ fluoride

~ nanobots

~ graphene oxide

~ venoms from snakes & cone snails

~ harm


Public Poisons Learning Module


~ 7 reports of critical information

~ comprehensive reference resources

~ archive of blog-cast articles & recordings

~ archive of 100's of diverse resource links to

informative articles, audio & visual presentations and websites


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I know that this may be shocking information and a lot to consider at once. These deceptive acts and poisons have affected all of us to some degree. It is very important to learn and engage natural health nutrition and detoxification with other wellness practices.
You can read more and research the details as you have time. However, time is of the essence so I have given you a brief alert and overview here. There are other psychological operations and staged events likely, such as an economic crisis, possibly a scarcity operation, or a cyber attack.
No one knows for sure what will happen, but actions and events that will change life for all of us are more than probable. They are already happening, some for our entire lives.
It is suggested that you form an alliance with your close friends and relatives to help each other through difficult times. Such an alliance is your best resource for making plans to provide food, shelter and protection for yourselves.
The ideal would be to organize a self-reliant community with off-the-grid means of producing or exchanging for needed goods and services, preparing underground safety shelters, sharing food growing and preserving methods, developing an insightful educational and wisdom system, and expanding knowledge of natural methods of health care and holistic healing.
Awareness and cooperation are essential for humanity to make our way out of the deep trouble we face. We must break free of the ignorance, poisons, electromagnetic fields, and the hypnotic mind control by fear, distraction, deception and the illusionary hope of normalcy, that keep us confused and complacent.
It is my belief that the great challenges we face are a spiritual matter as much as just physical survival. The insights you gain and the bonds of love and friendship you develop in the process of living during this dramatic era will last for a long time.
Pray for guidance, healing, protection and loving kindness for yourself, your loved ones and the world.

Blessings of peace and goodness, Jon


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