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Viruses Resource Library

one of the most extensive resources for alternative information on viruses

by Jon David Miller, holistic educator & author


Virus Related Blog-Casts by Jon David Miller

Click Here for Resources Posted Earlier than June, 2021.


(NOTE: Some items may have been removed from view due to censorship by agents of the control conglomerate.)


Pfizer Details Hacked – Greatest Crime of All Time:


Dr. Christiane Northrup Interviewed by Mike Adams on Injection Harm:


Hope & Tivon on Tech in Shots & Remedies:


WHO Says Monkeypox Shots Are an Experimental Clinical Trial:


18 Ghz to Trigger Lipid Payload Turning Human Hybrids to Zombies:




Vaccine Choice:

Coming Marburg, 5G & Mind Control – Maria Zeee w/ Todd Callendar and Dr. Peter Chambers (48:23):


Mike Adams + Dr. Jane Ruby on Clot Analysis:


Mike Adams + Dr. Jane Ruby on Further Clot Analysis:


Dr. Vliet & Todd Callender on Monkeypox - SGTReport:


Dr. Lee Vliet:


Dr. Tenpenny on Jabs, Ebola & Marburg:


Jeff Rense w/Ericka Discuss Serious Effects on Injected + Shedding Victims:


Monkeypox Shots are Experimental:


Nurse Wishes She Had Not Gotten Jabbed:


Death Charts + Depopulation Quotes:


Celeste Solum w/Mel K on Attempted Takeover of Humanity:


Dr. Madej on Hydra and More in Shots:


Chlorine Dioxide for Clearing mRNA Shot Materials:


Prevent COVID + EMF Zombies:


Gene Editing and Programmed Cloning of Abnormal Chimeric Cells via PCR Test:


Dr. Young on COVID Issues:


Every Vaccine Produces Harm by Andrew Moulden MD PhD


Vaccine Archive:


Chaparral larrea mitigates oxidative stress:


Dr. Merritt on How the Bioweapon Works:


Dr. Rima Laibow on the Battle with Tyrannical Psychopaths:


Graphene Oxide + Proteins:


Rubbery Clots From Shots:


Dr. Bryan Ardis Suggests Nicotine to Clear Receptor Sites:


Interview with Ricardo Delgato:


Dr. Martin on Pre-Planning the Pandemic(s) & Injections:


Karen Kingston on Jabbed Babies and Toddlers:


50% World Genocide Planned in Advance by World Economic Forum:


Dolores Cahill – “All that have received an mRNA injection will die within 3 to 5 years.”:


Rage Frequencies:


Un-injected Should Avoid Dating Injected:


Micro-clots from the Shots:


Vax Deaths on Camera:


Dr. Judy Mikovits Interviewed by Ann Vandersteel:


Dr. Young on Effects of Jabs & Graphene:


Justin Bieber’s Face Paralysis:


Virus & Vaccine Fairy Tales by Amazing Polly:


Genetic Attack Warning Years Ago on X-Files:


Dr. Jane Ruby on Sterilization by Injection:


Amazing Polly on Dead Scientists Eliminated?:


Dr. Jane Ruby with Katherine Watt on Legal Issues of COVID:


Deaths Spiking Among all Age Groups:


Dr. Sherry Tenpenny on Hagmann Report:


Microscopic View of Injection Vials & Blood:


Review of 2012 Olympics Virus Ritual Performance:


Synthetic Snake Venom Peptides?:


Dr. Jane Ruby with Dr. Ardis on Snake Venom Crystals in Pfizer Shots:


Dr. Jane Ruby on Graphene Nanotubes Growing in Injected:


Hope for Those with Boosters?:


The Triple Shot Are Getting AIDS:


Dr. Elizabeth Eads with Greg Hunter on AIDS & Clots from Shots:


Awful Jab Troubles:

Prion Disease:


Magnefection - SPIONS – Supra Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles – in the lipid coating around the mRNA:


Improving the Brain:


Fact-check vaccine ingredients here:


Dr. Lee Merritt & Dr. Carrie Madej on Serious Issues:


Brain Takeover Described in Govt. Docs:


Dr. Mercola on the Great Reset:


The Triple Shot Are Getting AIDS:


Dr. Elizabeth Eads with Greg Hunter on AIDS & Clots from Shots:


Awful Jab Troubles:


Dr. Cowan on Electro-Magnetic Poisoning as the real “Pandemic”:


5G as Primary Factor in “COVID” Illness:


5G and What’s in the Shots – Hope & Tivon, Part 1:


Virus Myth – There is No Virus:


David Icke – Still No Virus:


Experts Expose False COVID Operation:


Tromethamine Now Added to Pfizer CV Shots for Kids:


Dr. Madej on Monoclonal Antibodies & Much More:


Hydra Parasites in mRNA Shots:


Dr. Hotze & Dr. Jane Ruby on Graphene in Shots:


Dr. Jane Ruby Interviews Embalmer About Strange Fibrous Material in Veins of Dead Since Shots:


John O’Looney, Brit Funeral Director, Warns of Deaths from Shots:


Former Pfizer Exec, Dr. Yeadon Highlights Massive Shot Deaths:


Deaths Increase by 40% over last year:


Auto-Immune Attacks Killing Injected:


Old and Young Dropping Like Flies from the Shots:


3 Minute Reality Blast to School Board:


Black-Eyed Post CV Shot Babies’ Early Development – Future Transhugman Super Soldiers?:


NEWS, Sports Programs, etc., Sponsored by Pfizer:


Nebulized H2O2 as Immune Support (recorded over a year ago):


Cliff High Projects Major Changes Starting Soon:


Color-Coded Batches for Target Death or Control Populations:

Batches (each 1/3?):


Spike Protein or mRNA genetic mod razor blades

Graphene hydroxide / nanotechnology AI


Injection Batch Analysis:





I worked for different pharmaceutical companies for over 33 years in product quality and what I saw in the data set presented is unheard of in the industry. Clearly not all lots are manufactured at the same potency. It is no accident. Because if it were due to poor manufacturing in certain lots, the data would still be random. It is not. And temporal separation of toxic batches shows coordination between high level people at each company. The dose ranging study seen in the Pfizer data was the smoking gun for me. I think the people responsible for this better start running now! It’s called crimes against humanity.


@OratorBlog Information Warrior

Damn. That is a SMOKING GUN

I used to do R&D – Quality Control at Clorox. The Statistical Possibility of this being Random Coincidence is ZILTCH

This was Precisely Controlled Production Batches



You Have To See This…

Statistical Analysis of Manufacturers and Date of Production vs Death and Injury Proves Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson Took Turns Creating Deadly Batches

Their Ability to Control the Number of Deaths and Injuries Became More Accurate Over Time-





Some Vaccinated People are experiencing…

#1. Myocarditis
#2. New nervous system disorders
#3. New respiratory disorders
#4. Blood Clots
#5. New musculoskeletal disorders
#6. New gastrointestinal disorders
#7. Anaphylactic Shock (nearly 10%)
#8. New infections, including Covid and its variants

The hospital payments include

A “free” required PCR test in the Emergency Room or upon admission for every patient, with government-paid fee to hospital.
Added bonus payment for each positive COVID-19 diagnosis.
Another bonus for a COVID-19 admission to the hospital.
A 20 percent “boost” bonus payment from Medicare on the entire hospital bill for use of remdesivir instead of medicines such as Ivermectin.
Another and larger bonus payment to the hospital if a COVID-19 patient is mechanically ventilated.
More money to the hospital if cause of death is listed as COVID-19, even if patient did not die directly of COVID-19.
A COVID-19 diagnosis also provides extra payments to coroners.

MSM is trying to make fun of people wanting to protect themselves with cheap and proven drugs. Ivermectin has been FDA approved for human use since 1996. It also beats Pfizer’s new wonder drug hands down, and costs next to nothing. Ivermectin doesn’t make tons of money. So they know the Covid shot is on its final gasp, so they take it add something different to it, rebrand under another name and charge 20 times what they would for ivermectin. I cannot wrap my head around this nonsense.



Via Charlotte Iserbyt (expert on educational issues), 11-23-21:

“Former Vice President of the World Health Organization European Advisory Group of Experts in Immunization, Professor Christian Perronne, yesterday said that “all vaccinated people must quarantine over the winter months or risk serious illness”.

Perronne specializes in tropical pathologies and emerging infectious diseases. He was Chairman of the Specialized Committee on Communicable Diseases of the High Council of Public Health.
Confirming the rapidly deteriorating situation in Israel and the UK, the infectious disease expert stated: “Vaccinated people should be put in quarantine, and should be isolated from society.”

He went on to say: “Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; it is the vaccinated people who are dangerous for others.” It’s proven in Israel now – I’m in contact with many physicians in Israel – they’re having big problems, severe cases in the hospitals are primarily among vaccinated people, and in the UK where you have the larger vaccination program, there are also major problems appearing.”

The current working group on the COVID-19 pandemic in France was reported to be “utterly panicked” on receipt of the news, fearing pandemonium if it follows the guidance of the experts.

Israeli doctor Kobi Haviv told Channel 13 News: “95% of seriously ill patients are vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people account for 85-90% of hospitalizations. We are opening more and more COVID branches. The effectiveness of the vaccines is declining or disappearing totally. Any booster Jab will make this 10 X worse !!


Medical Officials Responsible for Many Deaths:


Religion of Vaccine Scientism:


Important Discussion - Dr. David Martin, PhD & Dr. Sherri, M.D.:


The Steps of Genocide:


Anti-Pharma-Tyranny Protests Around the World:


Child Injuries from Shots:


Rothschild Admits CV Operation is for Full Control:


Dr. Desmet on “Mass Formation”:


Professor Mattias Desmet, a Belgian professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University who also holds a masters degree in statistics.

Four conditions are necessary for mass formation:

  1. The masses must feel alone and isolated

  2. Their lives must feel pointless and meaningless

  3. The masses must experience constant free-floating anxiety

  4. They must experience free-floating frustration and aggression

“I tried to tell someone the truth, but they couldn’t hear me.” If they’re hypnotized, they literally can’t hear you.

  • 25% of people cannot be hypnotized (true)

  • 10% are highly hypnotizable (true)

  • 30% of people are now deeply hypnotized (seems about right)

  • 40% will ultimately follow the herd (questionable)

  • 30% will stand against the prevailing propaganda (history backs this up)


In the New Testament the word pharmakeia occurs three times (Gal 5:19-21; Rev 9:21; 18:23). Each time, it is translated as ‘sorcery’ or ‘magic’ and it is something that is spoken of in negative terms.


Informed Consent:


Christine Massey on Lack of Evidence for Virus with Mike Adams:


Astounding Numbers of Dead Pilots:


Stew Peters with Dr. Jane Ruby – 20:20:


“Shedding” - Transmission of Spike Proteins by the Injected:


Dr. Zelenko Speaking on the Genocide:


Deaths from Shots Accumulating:


Documentary on Real Science and Life-Saving Docs:


Anonymous Doc Reports What She Has Learned About Shots Taking Out Immune System:


Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., Developer of mRNA Warns Parents:


Authors Beverly Rubik and Robert R. Brown began by drawing attention to a May 2020 study showing a “statistically significant correlation between the intensity of radio-frequency radiation and mortality from SARS-CoV-2 in 31 countries throughout the world,” as well as a U.S. study that found that areas with 5G technology had significantly higher COVID-19 case and death rates, independent of population density, air quality, and latitude.

The U.S. study focusing on the 5G connection to COVID-19 made three different kinds of analyses and found that 5G technology was a “statistically significant factor for the higher [COVID-19] case and rates in all three analyses, while population density, air quality and latitude were significant for only one or two of the analyses.

Rubik and Brown then drew a comparison of bio-effects from WCR, including 5G, and COVID-19 symptoms, showing a list of overlapping physical effects.

Symptoms from both WCR and COVID-19 included blood changes such as short-term rouleaux (blood “clumping”), and long-term reduced hemoglobin (in severe COVID-19 cases); oxidative stress and injury in tissues and organs; immune system disruption, including suppression of T-lymphocytes and elevated inflammatory biomarkers; increased intracellular calcium, which facilitates virus entry and replication; and arrhythmias (heart beat irregularities).

Rubik and Brown highlighted the fact that glutathione (a “master antioxidant”) deficiency has been proposed as the most likely cause of serious manifestations in COVID-19, and cited two studies showing diminished glutathione levels from WCR exposure. They noted that “the finding of low glutathione levels” in COVID-19 patients “further supports oxidative stress as a component” of COVID-19.


Bicarbonate Alkalization for CV or Cancer:


Stew Peters Interviews Dr. Carrie Madej on Microscopic Analysis of Shot Vials:


Hydra Hybrid in Injections:


Stew Peters & Karen Kingston to End the Illegal Mandates:


Pete Santilli Interviews Dr. David Martin on CV Criminal Genocide Conspiracy:


Officials Admitting Injection Failures and Harm, but Still Pushing:


Mike Adams Describes the Nano-Technology in the Shots:


Stew Peters & Dr. Jane Ruby:


Compilation of Essential Knowledge Needed:


“Russian Roulette Shots” Explained:


Growth of Harm and Death as Shots Progressed:


Dr. Robert Young on Harm of Shots:


Sodium Bicarbonate Takes Care of Much:


Sulfur Removes Parasites:


Dr. Tom Cowan on Virus Hoax:


Dr. Daniel Nagase on Threat from Injections:


Warning of Multi-Variant Bio-weapon Release Coming:


Dr. David Martin Explains Our Critical Situation – Brilliant 1 hour Conversation:


Dr. Martin Clearly Exposes the COVID Fraud and Trump:


False Virus Theory:


Kerry Cassidy Chat with Brad Olson:


Review of Dr Martin with Stew Peters:


Real CV Treatment:


Doctor/ Scientist Panel Discussion on the Jabs:


Analysis of the Situation and Speculation on More to Come:


Polly St. George on Mass Hysteria / “Mass Formation Psychosis” - Excellent:


Fraudulent PCR Tests:


Dr. Ardis on Avoiding Hospital:


Contaminants in the CV Injections

Highly toxic even in small quantities -- Tissue & organ damage, brain & neurological disorders, autism, alzheimers, illness, cancer, deaths:


Formaldehyde formalan

Beta propiolactone

Hexadecyl-trimethyl ammonium bromide

Aluminum hydroxide

Aluminum phosphate

Mercury (thimerosol)

Polysorbate 20 and 80


Human diploid fibroblast cells (aborted fetal cells)

Human embryonic lung cell cultures (aborted fetal cells)

African green monkey kidney cells (cancer)


Porcine DNA

Graphene Dioxide & Hydroxide’

Hydrogel nanotech





Shot Death Count Over 150,000:


Dr. Tenpenny Interview from 20:34 to about 43 min.:


Doctor Discussion:


Michael Jaco + Sasha Stone + restorative supplements:


Celeste Solum on ADAM:


Graphene Takeover of Body & Brain:


EMF Exposure:


Contaminated Test Swabs:


Vaccine Harmful Ingredients:


Dr. Merritt Thoroughly Lays out the Depopulation Situation:


Doctor Testifies on CV At School Board Meeting:


Dr Jane Ruby Exposes Injection Fraud and Harm:


Increased Deaths from Shots in 145 Nations:


Cliff High on Economy, Zap Deaths, Etc.:


Steve Kirsch on the Devastation Underway:


Stew Peters & Dr. David Martin on COVID Crimes:


Indian Doctor Explains Shots are for Control:


Mostly the Injected That Are the Ill Ones:


Dr. Coleman Reveals Proof the Shots Must Stop:


Vax Passport Modeled on Nazi Health Passport:


Only Certain Batches of the First Rounds Were Kill Shots:


85% of COVID Deaths are Among Injected:


PhD Chemist Dies After Revealing Shots Contain Graphene Hydroxide “Razor Blades”:


Microscopic Evidence of Graphene Oxide Nano-sensor Structures in Shots:


Dr. Michael Roth Offers Detox for Graphene Oxide: – EDTA Transdermal Cream


Documents Reveal Advanced Knowledge of Harmful Effects of Shots:


Hyping Variants as Cover for Shot Ilnesses, Injuries & Deaths:


VAERS Approaching 1 million Adverse Shot Events and 20,000 Deaths:


Interview of Dr. Lee Merritt:


Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Martin, et. al., Highlighting the Genocide:


Dr. Martin on Fauci’s Violation of Federal Law:

(note: Interesting citation at 4:00.)


Dr. Ardis Hosts Dr. Madej & Karen Kingston:


La Quinta Columba on Graphene Oxide:


Dr. Ariyana Love on Diseases in the Shots:


No COVID-19 Virus:


Gates wants punishment of "Vax Dis-info" Agents:


Takeover of Minds by Vax:


Every Vaccine Produces Harm – Dr. Andrew Moulden:


Dr. Kilian on Shot Blood Clot Issues:


Polly St. George on Cover-up of CV Shot Injuries:


CDC Whistleblower on the Jabs:


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Medical Criminals:


Killer Vaccine Archives:


Vaccines COVID-19 & Gene Therapy Archive:


The Takeover of ‘All Genetic Material on Earth’ – Global Blueprint Exposed:


Vaccination – The Hidden Truth – VIDEO:


Amazing Polly on Graphene Magnetite Effects in CV Masks, Tests & Vax:


(In place of:) Magnetite in CV Masks, Tests & Vax: )


Graphene Oxide – La Quinta Columna Interview:


Support Petition to FDA:


Dr. Ardis Interviewed by the Fullmich Legal Team:


Stew Peters Interviews Dr. David Martin:


Stew Peters with Update from Dr. Peter McCullough:


Nanowires, Magnetics and Frequencies:


VAERS Tracking:


Vax Genocide:


Coffin Liner Factory Production:


Actions of People to Spread the Knowledge:


Graphene Multiplies and Transmits Frequencies:


Graphene oxide:


Is Graphene COVID?


Dr. Charles Hoffe on CV Shot Blood Clot Issues:


No More Than 10 Years?:


Lawsuit to Stop Vax:


Dire Warning from Italian Doctor:


Former Pfizer Exec. & Top Scientist Warns of CV Fraud & Danger:


Dr. Vernon Coleman Speaks  at Rally:


Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich Speaks at Rally:


Pfizer Guidelines for Investigors Reveal the Danger:


Biological Control:


EMF from Cell-Phone Animates Graphene:


BlueTooth Connected Human:


Toxic Shots:


Dr Madej On COVID Shot Issues:


“COVID” Surging Among ‘Vaxxed”!:


Detox of Graphene Oxide:


Mother of Vax Injured Child:


Rockefeller Installed Pharma Medicine:


UK C Vax Program Director Admits it Takes Out Immune System:


“Green Zone” Internment Camps for CV “High Risk” Folks:


No Virus, No Variants:


Vax Injuries & Deaths:


Dr. Ryan Cole, M.D. at White Coat Summit:


Summary Video of Vax Harm:


Conventional Doctors Warn About CV Vax:


Doctors Sue Hospital Over Mandatory Vax Order:


Vax Transmission:


Polly St. George Uncovers More CV Collusion:


Magnetite in CV Masks, Tests & Vax:


Surviving COVID:


CV Patient Guide:


Dr. Bhakdi Upgrades Warning:


Prion Disease:


Magnefection - SPIONS – Supra Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles – in the lipid coating around the mRNA


History of Vaccine Fraud:


CV Lab-Created Bio-weapon:


Modified: Magnetized, Sterilized, Robotized, Deteriorated, Eliminated:


Mass Suicide Cult:


Spike Protein Transmission is The Real Pandemic:


Dandelion Extract Counters Spike Proteins:


Herbs That Prevent Blood Clot Problems:


Nutritional Help for Vaxxed:


More Evidence of CV Trouble:


Used Masks Tested:


CV Summary Overview:


Demon Hunter Compilation:


Dr. Peter McCullough:


Dr. McCullough on CV Vax Deaths:


Global Plan for COVID Totalitarianism:


Info and forms:


Dr. Fleming on Bio-weapon:


Proof of No Virus:


Lawsuit Dismissed:


Frequencies Emitted by Vaxxed:


Dr. Jane Ruby on Graphene Oxide:


Body Takeover by Graphene Oxide Nanotech:


Inventor of mRNA Warns of Danger & is Erased from History:


Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Zelenko:


Beware of Push for CV Test or Vax:


Death Level Beyond Where Vax Should Have Been Stopped:


“The Great Culling”:


Dr. Bhakdi on CV Harm:


Dr. Lee Merritt on Mass Deaths:


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny & Dr. Lee Merrit on COVID Shot Concerns:


Dr. Tenpenny Briefs Nurses:


Must Watch -- 5 Doctor Panel Discusses COVID Shot Dangers:


Dr. Madej on Transhuman Effects of CV Vaccine:


Dr Madej with Alex Newman:


Dr. Madej Interviewed by Mike Adams:


Mike Adams Interviews Dr. Christiane Northrup:


Several Mike Adams Interviews:


Dr. Simone Gold:


Dr. Michael Yeadon – “It’s All About Control”:


Another Prominent Scientist Says to Stop the Shots:


Professionals Appeal to Stop CV Injections:


Pharma Whistleblower:


UK Nurse Warns of Genocide:


Dr. Ben Edwards Testifies Against Vax:


Vax Nanotech on CV Test Swabs:


Living organisms in Pfizer vax:


Reality of Spike Protein Transmission:


Spike Protein Poison Perpetually Produced After Vax?:


Vaxxed People Infecting Unvaxxed and both Having Problems:




Post Vax Spikes in Deaths:


Operation Lockstep:


Connecticut Shows CV Vax Ingredients & Warns Staffers:


18 Reasons to Avoid the CV "Vaccines":


Vax Holocaust:


Vax Brain Fog Accidents:


Eugenics is Back:


European CV Vax Death & Injury Stats:


Frequency Transmission Theory:


Critical Documentary Videos on COVID Shots:




SARS as Bioweapon:


CDC Collusion with Vaccine Industry:


Natural Solutions Foundation – Advanced Vaccine Directive of Geneva Convention - Informed Consent issue – Dr. Rima Laibow, MD


Legal Action Against Compelled Vax:


More Important Resources on Adverse Results of COVID Shots:


Protein Production Altered:


CV Shots Set up Future Autoimmune Crisis:


VAERS Report Shows More CV Shot Deaths than 20 Years of Other Vaccines:


Dr. Deagle in 2006, Insider Whistleblower:


Hybrid Lifeforms and Nanotech In CV Shots:


What to Do as Others Take the Jab:


Chlorine Dioxide is a Safe Way to Deal With CV:


Frequency Cures:


Dr. Coleman on Killing 7 Billion:


Metaphysical Understanding:



Resources Posted Earlier than June, 2021


International Tribunal on Weaponization of the Biosphere:


Real Experts’ Opinions on COVID and the "Vaccines":

NOTE: Some of the professionals appearing in the video above still accept other vaccines as needed, without realizing that they have been previously misled. Nearly all vaccines are contaminated with serious health-threatening poisons, and now flu shots and childhood vaccines may have hydrogel with polyethylene glycol and nanobots added as well.


Dr. Tim Oshea:


Exposing the Germ Theory Flaws:

10 More Experts Criticize COVID Panic

Impact in Europe

More Flaws


The Corona Virus-Fake - Dr Stefan Lanka (Part 1) Source:


Dr. Stefan Lanka: The history of the infection theory. (English transcript) Source:


OLG Stuttgart judgment of 16.2.2016, 12 U 63/15 Award: Willingness to become legally binding in the event of a negative award; Interpretation of a competition regarding the detection of the measles virus



Louis Pasteur Vs Antoine Béchamp and The Germ Theory of Disease Causation - 1 Source:


Béchamp’s Politically Incorrect Science, Part I



The Fallacious Germ Theory Source:


Biochemistry Debunks Corona - (Mirrored) Source:




Exposing the Myth of the GERM THEORY



Debunking The Louis Pasteur Monomorphism Germ Theory With Scientific Live Cell Observation - Stem Cells - NY Times; Shape Shifting Bacteria - Antoine Bechamp Discovers Toxic Terrain Theory Of Pleomorphism, Detoxification, Cell Regeneration, Confirmed Via Cytology And Microbiology Source:


The Scientific Undoing of Germ Theory Source:


Human body may produce bacteria Source:


How the Corruption of Science Leads to the Collapse of Modern Civilization Source:


This Is The Sickening Amount Pharmaceutical Companies Pay Top Journal Editors Source:


Death by Medicine Source:


The Corruption of Evidence Based Medicine — Killing for Profit Source:


Payments by US pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to US medical journal editors: retrospective observational study Source:


The Rockefeller-Carnegie Big Pharma Scam Source:


Offline: What is medicine’s 5 sigma? Source:


Brussels – European Parliament – Dec 08, 2003 PROBLEMS WITH ISOLATING HIV Etienne de Harven, MD. Source:


The Great Influenza Pandemic: What Really Happened in 1918? Source:




Salicylates and Pandemic Influenza Mortality, 1918–1919 Pharmacology, Pathology, and Historic Evidence Source:


THE POISONED NEEDLE - Suppressed Facts About Vaccination - By Eleanor McBea 1957 Source:


Reply to Bennett: There is no Gold Standard 'HIV' Genome Source:


Stop Giving People Toxic Drugs: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS Source:


Source: and furthermore:

“The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful”

- Dr Relman former chief editor for the New England Journal of Medicine.


GVP #156 - David Parker & Dawn Lester: Viruses, and What REALLY Makes Us Ill Source:


It's not the virus STUPID,What really makes you ill? Do virus cause disease? Kaufman,Lester, Parker Source:


The Deception of Virology & Vaccines — Why Coronavirus Is Not Contagious - Jeff G. Source:


Viral Misconceptions - Presentation on The True Nature of Viruses - Jeff G. Source:


The Veiled History of Polio and How it Relates to Current Vaccination - Jeff G. Source:


Dismantling the virus theory The “measles virus” as an example Why should we doubt the existence of viruses? What are viruses and what are they not? How are viruses being scientifically demonstrated to exist? Source:


Is short-term exposure to ambient fine particles associated with measles incidence in China? A multi-city study. Source:


Experts' Opinions on COVID and the "Vaccines" Update:


MUST SEE!: Wise Doctors Give History of False Vaccine Theory & It's Consequences


URGENT: Powerful Video on Dangers of COVID Test and "Vaccine"

(NOTE: Very disturbing. The narrator is too harsh on those who have been misled, but the information is extremely important.)


WHO Whistleblower + Intl. Legal Team on Gates, GAVI, WHO and the "Vaccine":


The New Normal:


COVID Test Tags you Magnetically - David Icke Interviews Celeste Solum, former FEMA employee:


Celeste Solum with David Icke - Important Update:


Celeste Solum on Possible Forced Nanobot Hydro Gel & Starvation:


Another Celeste Solum Interview:


David Icke on COVID Hoax:




Pharma Whistlerblower:


Dr. Madej on Transhuman Effects of CV Vaccines:


Statistical Correlation Between Vaccines and Increased COVID Deaths:


RF Kennedy, Jr on Avoiding CV Vaccine:


Spiro Skouras Interviews Dr. Kaufman on COVID-19:


Dr. Andrew Kaufman, M.D. – It is an Exosome, Not a Virus:


Dr. Kaufman, M.D. on Pandemic and Tyranny


Dr. Kaufman, M.D. on COVID-19 Deception:


Expert Panel on COVID “Vaccine” Fraud:


The Real Story on the "Spanish Flu: of 1918:


Russian Immigrant High-Level Scientist Warns About COVID Vaccine:


CCP & Technocrats Behind Fake Pandemic:


Fauci and Creation of COVID:


There is no COVID virus! Paul Craig Roberts, PhD:


Prof. Michel Chossudovsky on COVID:


Lysine Reduces Virus Replication, Arginine Increases It:


Virology Deception:


Have they added another deadly vector?:




Pandemic Issues:


No Proven Deaths from the Coronavirus:


Further Padding the Numbers:


COVID Cult Has Not Proven Virus:


Declaration of Independence from COVID:


Unreliable Tests:


Not CV but B1 Deficiency?:

Beef, liver, eggs, fish, pork are major dietary sources of B1 along with seeds (flaxseed), nuts and beans.  But with so many B1 blockers in use (carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol, coffee/tea), even a B1 fortified diet may not be enough to quell a vitamin deficiency epidemic.


SARS-CoV2 Does Not Exist:


Respected Canadian Doctor Says It Is a Hoax


Summaries of COVID Fraud to Depopulate:


9 Hidden COVID Facts:


Coronavirus Deception:


Vax Everyone?:


Vaccine Death Wave Coming?:


Dr. Northrup Interview on COVID Vaccine Danger:


Quantum Dot Tattoo:


COVID Patents Starting 2015:


Growing Number of Medical Pros Against Lockdown:


Legal Action Against False Pandemic Fraud:


Economic Pandemic and Depopulation:


COVID No More Deadly than Flu:


More Examples of CV Medical Tyranny:


Dr Sherri Tenpenny and Dr Carrie Medej Discuss COVID


Dr Carrie’s Appeal:


Carrie Madej & Dr Kaufman:


Dr Carrie with Mike Adams:


Dr Carrie with Jana Ben Nun, Former Nurse, Discuss COVID:


Government Vaccine Plans:


CCP & Technocrats Behind Fake Pandemic:


Icke on COVID Statistics:


Johns Hopkins Economics Statistician Reveals False COVID Propaganda:


COVID Propaganda:


Proof of (False) Pandemic Being Planned in Advance:


Absurdity of Pseudo COVID Cases:


Lawsuit Against COVID Fraud:


Danger: Harmful False Treatment for Fake COVID Pandemic - PCR Test Unreliable:


Operation Warp Speed to Tyranny?:


Genetic Patents and Rona Vaccines:


Forced Vaccine?:


COVID Propaganda War to Promote Vaccine:


CV-19 to Accomplish New World Order:


Fake Virus Vaccine Fraud  & RICO:


Proteins & Genetic Modification and CV:


Last Man on Earth Predictive Programming:


Important CV-19 Information:


“The Largest Unethical Medical Experiment in Human History”


Stop Pretending There’s a Pandemic:


SARS-Cov-2 Manmade:


COVID Test Kits Purchased by Govts in 2017-18:


Genetic Modification of Us by Vaccine (29:11):


No Justification for CV Protocols:


Inventor Says PCR Test NOT for Diagnosis:


Corona Fraud:


Summary Overview of COVID Scenario:


Pandemic as Context for Authoritarianism:


Ron Paul Interviews Robert Kennedy, Jr.:


Enforced Testing or Quarantine – Prelude to Forced Vaccine:


Italian Doctor Warns Against Getting a Test or Vaccine:


Spanish Doctor Says COVID-19 Response Is Overkill:


Plandemic2 + Judy Mikovitz Follow-up Interview:


CV Spread by Test + 5G Connection:


Dr. Analyzes the Toxins in Vaccines:


Info on Staged Pandemic, Tyranny & More:


Alternative Summary of COVID-19 Pandemic:


The Plan for Control:


Hydroxychloroquine is an Immune Suppressant:


Bill Gates Wants Everyone Vaccinated (Except Him & His Family & Friends):


CV is Cover for Changing the World to AI with a Small Managed Population:


COVID Deaths Way Down:

No Need for the Panic:


COVID Cult Has Not Proven Virus:


Brief Video on Why Masks are Unnecessary:


Masks Are Causing Disease!:


Masks Cause Oxygen Deficiency:


No Mask:

Dismiss the Masks:


Masks Are Harmful & Unneeded In Most Situations:


Experts Opinion That Wearing a Mask is Not Advisable:


Even Dr. Fauci Agrees About Masks:


Masks, Social Distancing and More:


Attorney Lee Dundas on Masks:


Attorney Lee Dundas on COVID-19 and Social Distancing:


Respiratory Therapist Questions Pandemic Policies:


ICU Nurse Whistleblower:


Emergency Docs Say to Return to Work:


Dr. David Williams on COVID-19 Number Fraud:


Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Interviewed by Dr. Mercola on the Pandemic Crisis & More:


Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Blasts Outmoded Establishment Medical Methods:


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. on COVID-19 Scam to Promote Vaccine:


Dr. Thomas Cowen, M.D.  on COVID-19 and Testing:


Vaccine Impact – Dr. Mikovits:


Judy Mikovits, PhD on Viruses, the Pandemic & Dr. Fauci:


Mistake to Trust Dr. Fauci:


Gates Owns WHO, Vaccines, Dr. Fauci, etc.:


Gates ID Chip via Vaccine:


Vaccine Technocrats Supported by Gates:


Bill Gates & Population Control:


James Corbett on Gates:


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Bill Gates:


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Medical Lies:


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Avoiding COVID Vaccine:


Medical Tyranny in the White House:


Interlocking Health Organizations Manipulate the World:


Beware of Contract Tracing:


Contact Tracing Details from a Trainee:


Digital ID & Vaccine Records:


Bioluminesence via Luciferase in Quantum Dot Tattoo Vaccinations:


Forced Vaccinations?:


COVID-19 = Roll-Out of New World Order:


Investigate the Pandemic Like a Crime Scene:


WHO now openly admitting that vaccines cause more polio than actual wild virus:


Chinese Communists and WHO to Blame?:


Causes & Consequences of COVID-19:


Synthetic Biology, Altered DNA, Experimental Vaccines:


Interview of Genetic Engineer:


Testing to Collect DNA?:


More Proof SARS-CoV-2 is Engineered:


Human COVID-19 Vaccine Trials:


Doctor Has 10 Reasons Testing, Tracing and Vaccines Are a Bad Idea:


Counting COVID-19 Contacts as Cases:


British Connections to Pandemic Advance Planning:


An Earlier Pandemic Rehearsal:


Ohio Lockdown Ruled Unreasonable:


Is CoronaVirus Really Contagious?:


A Virus Is Not the Problem:


Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D.  on COVID-19 and Testing:


Nanoparticles Used to Enhance RNA Vaccines:


Ritual Preparation for Transformation + Fear is the Issue:


Dr. Rashid Buttar, D.O. on COVID-19 Fraud:


Dr. Rashid Buttar, D.O. Exposes Pandemic and Vaccine Deceit:


Dr. Buttar Interview Highlights:


Dr. Buttar and Other Docs Questioning COVID-19:


Dr. Bushar on Frequencies, Metals and O2 Deprivation as COVID:


Get Outside for Sunshine & Fresh Air:


Health Coach Suggestions:


CNN Double-Speak about COVID-19 Testing:


Open Mic - White House Press Core Members' Conversation:


Philosophy, Choices and Biases:


Hospitals Lay off Staff Due to Lack of Business:


COVID-19 AI Simulation:


CDC Hired Quarantine Managers Back in Nov.:


Coronavirus Syndrome:


Quaternity Weapons System:


Is AI Running the Pandemic?:


COVID-19 Compared to the Flu:


Mycobacteriophages Rather Than Virus?:


Mutation into Two Strains:


Dana Ashlie on Rockefeller Foundation Pandemic Plan:


Dana Ashlie on 5G & CV:


The Depopulation Industry:


Social Distancing Now!:


Bio-warfare: China vs.Black Nobility?:


Facts, Symptoms and Safety Strategy:


Great Danger in COVID-19 Vaccine:


Philosophy, Choices and Biases:


Dr. Mercola on Dr. Francis Boyle's nCoV Theory:


No Need for the Panic:


Icke on Coronavirus:


Rush to Vaccine:


David Wilcock on Virus & Deep State Roundup:


Kerry Cassidy on Virus & Deep State Roundup:


Adrenochrome Tainted?:


Dr. Mercola & Natonal Plan to Vaccinate:


5G, Oxygen Deprivation and the "Pandemic":


Corbett on Medical Martial Law:


Ben Fulford & Cobra on Virus, Shut Down, Cabal etc.:


Electrical Engineer on 5G Hazards:


5G in Wuhan a Factor in Coronavirus Pandemic?:


Is It Mainly 5G Causing the Weakness and Deaths?


O2 Deprivation:


5G Effect on Immune MBL Cells in Lungs:


More In Depth on Development of Coronavirus & 5G:


Study Shows Direct Correlation Between 5G & Coronavirus Outbreak:


AI and Smart Cities Boosted by Pandemic:


Fear, Stress & EMF Undermine Health:


Smokers More Vulnerable, 2nd Exposure Worse:


Ventilators not needed, O2 is Needed:


Test Spreading COVID-19?:


Rockefeller Fdtn Plan for Total Control via Pandemic:


Polly St. George on COVID Policies as Torture:


Deborah Tavares Reviews the Rockefeller Plan for Pandemic Shut-Down:


Coronavirus Manufactured Bio-Weapoon:


Is the Coronavirus a Weapon?


Mike Adams Verifies Bio-weapon:


Dr Francis Boyle Concludes it is A Multi-Tweaked Bio-Weapon:


Dr. Mercola on Dr. Francis Boyle's nCoV Theory:


Dr. Mercola & National Plan to Vaccinate:


Bio-warfare: China vs. Black Nobility?:


David Icke Says It's not Really a Virus:


David Icke Says Pandemic Is Suspect:


David Icke on Coronavirus:


Robert David Steele on Coronavirus and More:


David Wilcock on Virus & Deep State Roundup:


Kerry Cassidy on Virus & Deep State Roundup:


The Depopulation Industry:


Who Made This Virus?


Was This Planned for Decades?:


FunVax to Block Spirituality:


Great Danger in COVID-19 Vaccine:


Vaccines in Development:


Rush to Vaccine:


James Corbett on Medical Martial Law:


Jon Rappaprt on Nurse Murder-by-COVID-19-Treatment Whistleblower:


Jon Rappaport on COVID Fraud:


Jon Rappaport on Italy's Deaths:


Fake Pandemic?:






Experts Question COVID-19:


European Doctors Reject COVID-19 as Cause of Deaths:


Europeans Question the Pandemic:


Jason Goodman on NY Hospital Contradictions:


Citizens Checking Out Hospitals in "Hot Zones":


CBS uses Italy Footage as Though in NY:


Celebs & Corona:


Hanks & More:


Simpsons Predict Pandemic, 1993:


Worried About Coronavirus?:


Coronvirus Analysis:


Brandon Smith Says Prepare for Virus and/or Economic Collapse:


Prepare for Coronavirus Pandemic:


CDC Warns to Be Prepared:


"Pandemic" in the Making:


Facts, Symptoms and Safety Strategy:


How to Avoid Getting the Coronavirus:


Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus:


COVID-19 Compared to the Flu:


5G Effect on Immune MBL Cells in Lungs:


More In Depth on Development of Coronavirus & 5G:


Fake Pandemic?:


Mycobacteriophages Rather Than Virus?:


Mutation into Two Strains:


O2 Deprivation:


CDC Warns to Be Prepared:


Prepare for Coronavirus Pandemic:


Electroporation to Deliver Vaccine DNA into Cells:


Rockefeller Fdtn Plan for Total Control via Pandemic:


Steve Bannon on Chinese Com Party's Handling of Coronavirus:


Coronavirus Manufactured Bio-Weapoon:


Mike Adams Verifies Bio-weapon:


Who Made This Virus?


Was This Planned for Decades?:


Worried About Cornoavirus?:


Pandemic in the Making? - Much info:


Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus:


How to Avoid Getting the Coronavirus:


Is the Coronavirus a Weapon?


Dr Francis Boyle Concludes it is A Multi-Tweaked Bio-Weapon:


Robert David Steele on Coronavirus and More:


N Coronavirus Worse Than Previously Thought:


Incubation Can Be As Much As 24 Days:




Smokers More Vulnerable, 2nd Exposure Worse:


Containment Has Failed:


5G in Wuhan a Factor in Coronavirus Pandemic?:


Is It Mainly 5G Causing the Weakness and Deaths?


Dana Ashlie:


Coronvirus Analysis:


Brandon Smith Says Prepare for Virus and/or Economic Collapse: - Requiring Vaccines is Unconstitutional:


10 Facts for Parents Avout Vaccinations:


Neonatal Nurse Practitioner on Vaccines:


Vaccines Exposed:


Vaccine Ingredients - David Icke:


A Shot in The Dark Documentary:


Vaccines Spread Disease:



100,000 Pharma Deaths per Year:


CDC was in Bio-weapon Business:


Appeal from Vaccine-Injured 25 Year Old:


Cancer Viruses in Vaccines:


Measles Fraud:


"Measles Schmeasles":


Pertussis Vaccine Increases the Disease:


Super Vaccination Agenda:


Jon Rappaport Interviews Retired Vaccine Researcher:


Doctor Assoc. Against Mandatory Vaccines:


Dr. William Thompson Confesses CDC Vaccine Fraud:


Flu Vaccine is Most Dangerous:


New 6 Banger Vaccine:


Blood Type & Rh Factor:


Aluminum in Vaccines:


Controlled Opposition in Anti-Vax Movement:


Standing up to Vax Censorship:


Forced Vaccination:


Why Didn’t Vaccine Champion Bill Gates Vaccinate His Own Children?
All 50 states now require children to be vaccinated for multiple diseases before they’re allowed to begin kindergarten. California requires vaccinations before kids can attend preschool or go to daycare, with no religious exemptions allowed.


FDA Admits Vaccines Contain Aborted Fetal Cells with Potentially 560 DNA Cancer Genes


WHO now openly admitting that vaccines cause more polio than actual wild virus


Scientist Jailed After Discovering Deadly Viruses Are Delivered Through Vaccines


Neonatal Nurse on Vaccines: We are Destroying an Entire Generation of Children


“It is assumed that the Israel Institute for Biological Research in Ness Ziona develops vaccines and antidotes for chemical and biological warfare”


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